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"Is everyone on the same page?"

"What, Why, and How do you/they think?"

Team Leadership

In today’s business, the team leader is the main link between the organization’s goals and the people who are responsible for the daily activities that make those goals a reality.  Because of the necessary and integral role that this position plays, it is obvious that good team leaders are key to the success of any organization.


Many everyday decisions required within this role affect profits, productivity, service levels as well as attitudes, and morale.  With a role and function of this magnitude, it would seem logical that the process of becoming a team leader would require years and years of training. However, most team leaders have had little or no training in the required skills.  Almost universally, today’s team leaders are men and women who have been promoted from being a superworker to being a team leader.      

The Process

The Team Leadership process makes team leadership development not only possible, but also eminently profitable.  Individually, each team leader reflects the proficiency of a specialized knowledge, which creates a powerful force that assures the achievement of organizational goals through its people.       

The Results are Measurable

-The Roles and Functions of a Successful Team Leader

-Oganizational Goal Setting

-Developing Confidence

-Managing and Controlling Your Use of Time

-Creating and Managing Performance

-Creating an Environment for Growth

-Techniques for Better Training

-Conducting the Evaluation

-Taking Corrective Action

-The Disciplinary Interview

-Decisions, Habits, and Attitudes

-Making Quality Decisions




“The art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower